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As partners of Vitrana Healthcare, we are a group of energetic minds striving to provide accurate and fast nuclear medicine imaging solutions to Hospitals and Medical Diagnostic Centres. Ours is a group of highly experienced and acclaimed nuclear medicine physicians aiming to provide the best mixture of skill and experience. Furnished with high end image viewing hardware, we provide accurate reporting for the entire spectrum of nuclear imaging (Gamma Camera Procedures and PET CT) in formats approved by and suited to the individual client. Our reports are detailed and yet easy to comprehend. We also indulge in panel discussions and double check the report before finalization. We ensure a short report turnover time and are available for discussions and feedback. We are currently providing high quality pre-reads to our clients based in the US, Canada and Singapore. We also provide comprehensive reporting solutions to multiple centres in India and cater to their nuclear medicine needs.

Our Offerings

  • All routine diagnostic nuclear medicine investigations (conventional planar/SPECT/SPECT-CT studies)
  • F-FDG PET-CT studies (Oncology/Neurology/Cardiology)
  • Ga-labeled peptides (DOTATOC/DOTANOC) for PET-CT imaging of neuro-endocrine tumors
  • F-Fluorodopa PET/CT imaging
  • N-ammonia PET/CT
  • Various applications of SPECT/CT
    • Cardiology
    • Neurology
    • Bone scans for malignant and benign indications
    • Thyroid scans- Iodine and pertechnetate
    • Renal DTPA/MAG3/ DMSA/
    • Parathyroid scan

Why Virtuous

  • We have a highly experienced team that can deliver a quality service at reduced costs
  • We have a highly secure network ensuring we comply with confidentiality requirements
  • No minimum commitment is needed
  • We promise the quickest turnaround time
  • We offer 2 step reporting so each scan is read by at least 2 physicians

We can also provide second opinions, out of hours and night reporting

Our Team