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Our specialised legal services at Virtuous can reduce your costs, increase efficiency, improve quality and guarantee client satisfaction.

By outsourcing legal work to our specialised team of experienced legal professionals, we can significantly reduce your overhead costs as fewer resources would be needed for training and managing employees, we can increase efficiency through our teams higher capabilities, we can guarantee a quick turnaround time through our extended working hours and we can deliver a reliable service which meets your needs whilst ensuring a 100% accuracy.

Our Services

Virtuous can combine a highly skilled team and the most efficient practices to deliver a bespoke service for your needs using the latest technology.

Our management team at Virtuous can also put together a team of highly skilled legal professionals for any alternative bespoke service that you require. We provide solutions to meet your needs and we make this possible through our adaptive approach.

Our e-Discovery service makes use of our proprietary AI and content management system. This is a unique platform that coupled with our e-Discovery professional services experts, will provide you with the capabilities to rapidly identify, collect, search vast arrays of complex documents and data, and to manage content. Our AI platform possesses deep data mining and pattern recognition capabilities across structured and unstructured content, and therefore these self-learning algorithms can be reapplied to other searches at any time.

Our team can review all documents, support the drafting process of any documents and help the management of these documents.

We can adapt our approach to meet your needs. Depending upon the types of documents and what is required from them, we will choose the most efficient method that will allow us to keep to our promises of a quick turnaround time whilst ensuring 100% accuracy.

Our selected team of experts will work closely with the technology team to develop a secure database which will store all the documents that have been processed.

Our team can draft contracts, help review any drafted contracts and facilitate the management of any contracts. Our team will select the most efficient method that will allow us to increase scalability and significantly reduce costs whilst still ensuring 100% accuracy.

Our selected team of experts will work closely with the technology team to develop a secure database which will store all the contracts that have been processed.

Our team at Virtuous can assist in all stages of the IP lifecycle. We work closely with clients to tailor our services to their needs. An example of services we provide includes:

  • Preparing a patent and prosecution services: this service would include preparing the relevant applications whether it is the patent application or the design application and also responding to office actions.
  • Conducting patent searches: our in house team can devote their time to assessing the search results as well as conducting the search.
  • Conducting patent due diligence investigations: these investigations could be for either an acquisition or a merger.
  • Patent docketing: we have the capabilities of managing the patent process to ensure a 100% accuracy.
  • Proof reading a patent: to ensure that the patent has the requisite protection.

Virtuous can arrange a team for all forms of legal researching which can be delivered in a time effective manner through a secure database in an easy to read format.

Why Virtuous

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Our legal service can help save on costs through our competitive pricing models. We can increase the speed of your service and scalability that enables your company to respond to fluctuating workloads. We can provide efficiency benefits through our extended working hours designed to suit your needs. We can help you save time and money by eliminating the concerns intrinsic to training and management which could potentially mean a greater return on investment. We will have a specialised team managed to ensure the most efficient processes are used and to utilise the technology services we offer. By using our service, you can concentrate on other activities which can maximise your productivity and profit margins.

We at Virtuous understand quality is important. Our expertise and efficiencies in processes can help maintain that level of quality. We have developed guidelines and clear lines of communication to ensure that the high level of quality is consistent. We ensure compliance with these guidelines through adequate supervision, open lines of communication, and regular training.

We at Virtuous can guarantee the availability of immediate expertise without long term commitments so you can focus on your core business.

We ensure that there is no breach of client confidentiality through our technology systems. We have remote access systems which can allow our team supervised access to your systems and can restrict capabilities of that access. Our legal team are provided with desktop computers without external connections, a controlled service and no document sharing capabilities. Our legal team will be granted access to documents in read only formats.

Easy Transition

Our team at Virtuous will arrange everything for you so all you need to do is to inform of us what is required. We will take care of the rest.

Our operating models are flexible and so you can use as little as one of our services, or subscribe on and off to any of our enterprise offerings.

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